About Us

Workshop Bros is fundamentally based on 3 ideals; great food, amazing coffee and exceptional service. Simple, the way it should be. To us, Workshop Bros is about pursuing the perfect cup for our customers. It’s about constant refinement, work in progress, and working towards perfection.

Coffee seems to have become a culture in its own right - we seem to be getting told what coffee should be, rather than what it can be. At Workshop Bros, we want to bring the Melbourne cafe vibe, but with more love. We like to call this love in the cup; a coffee kick that really makes you feel the love.

Speciality Coffee

BE.AN by Workshop Bros showcases the best of seasonal coffee, with something for every coffee lover. Our range includes our signature house blend, BE.AN Original; our single origin, BE.AN Individual; and our filter, BE.AN Essential.

Food & Drinks

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Workshop Brothers
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