Workshop is fundamentally based on 3 ideals. Great Food, Amazing Coffee & exceptional service. Simple, the way it should be. Workshop to us, is about pursuing the perfect cup for our customers. It’s about constant refinement, work in progress, and working towards perfection. What we call Workshop.

Coffee seems to have become a culture in its own right and we seem to be getting told what coffee should be, rather than what it can be. At Workshop we wanted to bring the residents of Glenhuntly and surroundings the inner city café vibe but essentially with more love. We like to call it Love in a cup.

Love in a cup is not just about coffee. It’s about capturing that warm smile in the morning, empathising with customers and becoming a spot where your coffee is someone’s high point in the day. Workshop is about building and connecting communities, and what better way than with our communal seating.

At Workshop, we’ve teamed up with the best roasters and suppliers in Australia because we know our customers deserve it. Our specialty coffee is unique, sourced from many farms around the world and flourishes with many different flavours and notes. We don’t expect our customers to like it all, but just let us show you, and you just may never know.
Brother Bean
At Brother Bean, it’s all about the coffee and the pursuit of the perfect cup for our customers. Brothers Nolan & Brian who differ in many ways, share one common passion, the love of coffee.

The journey from crop to cup to customer is such an intricate process, and involves many hours of love, attention and education. At Brother Bean it’s a never-ending learning process for us, and that’s why we love what we do.

Brother Bean is built on experience, knowledge, passion and most importantly family. Eldest brother Nolan, a Certified Practising Accountant has a wealth of Banking & Finance knowledge through working for some of the world’s largest Investment Banks. Brian, the youngest but certainly the most passionate and perfectionist in every way, is committed to bringing that perfect cup to market.

So whether it be Café consulting, roasting or retail coffee, Brother Bean can assist in every step of the way. Our relationships with many of the largest suppliers & roasters in Australia, gives us that competitive edge, and we would certainly love to share that with you.